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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Video: Another Celebrity Unmasks Himself as Political Whack Job

This time, it's Garth Brooks who, while at a 'Points of Light' ceremony to honor George H.W. Bush spoke in such vague generalities that you're left wondering if he knows anything other than music lyrics. When asked by CNS reporter Nicholas Ballasy about Obama, Brooks said he 'love(s) him to death' and said it must be 'hell sitting in that office.' My immediate reaction to that was Brooks might have a point. His premise could explain why Obama's never in his office. On top of that, he thinks Obama is hamstrung by checks and balances.

Oh, almost forgot. Look out for Garth's solution to the problems we face: 'We need to start kickin' it in the A$$ a little bit.'

Via CNS:

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