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Monday, March 28, 2011

2007 Video: Donald Trump says Hillary Care 'a pretty good idea'

This is a clip of Donald Trump with CNN's Wolf Blitzer in 2007 in which Trump sang the praises of Hillary Clinton's health care plan. For the record, the differences between HillaryCare and ObamaCare are so nuanced they had trouble drawing any coherent lines of distinction in their debates. I'm inclined to dismiss Trump's prediction at the beginning of this clip in which he insists Hillary would be the next president; a lot of people - myself included - thought so. In hindsight, his assessment of the George W. Bush administration is not that far off either.

Almost as disturbing as his endorsement for HillaryCare is his stated admiration for both her and her husband. The climate that exists in the Tea Party today has absolutely no interest in these games. Trump is feeding the Birthers a lot of red meat these days but in light of the Obamacare disaster, his high regard for Hillary's virtual carbon copy is beyond disturbing and should torpedo any presidential aspirations he may have.

The entire exchange is worth the watch but if pressed for time, fast forward to the 3:45 mark to see Trump endorse the near equivalent of Obamacare.

h/t Free Republic

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