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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Video: Is this a Case for Impeachment?

Obama's attacks on Libya are quite arguably unconstitutional; even the anti-war Democrats like Dennis Kucinich and Michael Moore have expressed outrage at the move. It is true that Obama did not get Constitutional approval for the attacks while George W. Bush did before going into Iraq. It's also true that Ronald Reagan attacked Libya without Constitutional approval but the argument there is that Reagan was acting in self-defense after Gadhafi's attacks on Americans.

There may or may not be a case for impeachment there; it would require substantial political will in the House of Representatives to pull it off anyway. What if the reasons to impeach the president went beyond the Constitutionality of his attacks on Libya? What if those reasons should be used to confront something far more dangerous? What if this administration is intentionally installing Islamic tyrants all over the world with an endgame that consists of destroying America?

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