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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Video: Mitch Daniels lightly Backtracks on his Dimissal of Social Issues

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels got into some hot water with the Tea Party recently over his comments about social issues needing to take a back seat in the interest of - what else - a bigger tent in the face of dire issues facing our nation. The problem with this outdated logic is the law of diminishing returns. In the interest of getting more people to enter the tent, it only serves to dilute the passion of those firmly inside.

Give me a smaller but passionately righteous grouping over a diluted larger one any day. The problem with folks like Daniels is that they consistently underestimate the power of a galvanized base that includes social issues. The opposite leads to nominees like John McCain.

If you watch this, Daniels clearly has to walk back his comments for that very reason.

Via Big Government

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