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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Video: Nuclear Expert Thinks Texans are Nazis?

Chalk this one up to a 'WTF' moment for alleged nuclear 'expert' David Kraft who, during his interview with WGN, apparently forgot to take down the sign he had posted at his desk that referred to Texas as a Nazi state by replacing the 'X' with a swastika. As a result, the gaffe actually made the news report. The good news? He will likely be in demand for more interviews. The bad news? It won't be because of his expertise on nuclear energy.

If someone thinks an entire state comes under the Nazi umbrella, such a person is necessarily 'racist.' Moreover, isn't it amazing how someone as supposedly intelligent as Kraft can be so incredibly sophomoric? He's exhibiting the character traits Norman Lear wanted to portray Archie Bunker as possessing. Oh, the irony.

As a Texan, I take offense. However, unlike the left (and Nazis), I encourage Dr. Kraft to continue telling us how he feels.

Big h/t to Doug Ross:


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