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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Video: Obama Uncomfortable when Questioned about Libya

In an interview with Philadelphia ABC television affiliate reporter Jim Gardner, Barack Obama refused to answer questions about his policy on Libya. Obama's reaction to the question, however, did speak volumes. His eyes appeared to be communicating the message, 'How dare you ask me that.' Gardner wanted Obama to clear up the ambiguity in messaging that saw Secretary of State Clinton demand that Kadhafi leave and Obama's softer assertion that the Libyan leader stop killing.

When the Louis Farrakhan angle is factored into this equation, Obama's irritation makes a bit more sense. Farrakhan and Gadhafi are very tight and have shared similar goals. Farrakhan has also received millions of dollars from Gadhafi over the years.

Obama can no longer vote 'present.' Any U.S. attack on Libya is Obama's call.

Gardner's BIO.

h/t Jawa Report

1 comment:

L said...

I used to think that man was a coward. Now, I can't call him a man.

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