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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Video Outrage: Rumseld says the Phrase 'War on Terror' a Mistake

Gotta give CNN's Piers Morgan credit for this line of questioning with Donald Rumsfeld. After stating that he comes from a large military family, Morgan sides with the premise that 'terror' is not an enemy; it's a tactic. He then asks Rumsfeld if the former Secretary of Defense thinks the phrase 'War on Terror' was a mistake. Rumsfeld answers in the affirmative and then says he voiced his opposition at the time but that George W. Bush made the decision anyway.

Rumsfeld seemed to take mild umbrage at the follow-up question about who overruled him but it's clear that Bush did after watching this. This is outrageous because there were plenty of voices at the time who knew 'terror' is a tactic, not an enemy. Frankly, most conservatives who understood the Islamist threat knew that. Yes, it's much more difficult for a president to make the right call on such a thing compared to the citizenry but isn't that why it's called 'leadership?' Besides, those who thought an actual enemy should have been identified - like the Muslim Brotherhood - were right. That should count for something.

Via CNN:

Here is video of George W. Bush in a Mosque less than one week after 9/11/01 and it speaks volumes nearly 10 years later about how wrong the phrase 'War on Terror' was.

h/t Hapblog

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