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Friday, March 4, 2011

Video: Wisconsin State Rep. Tackled by Police

Wisconsin police have been directed to clear the Capitol so it could be cleaned up. No one was allowed inside during this time. However, that didn't stop Rep. Nick Milroy from attempting to force his way into the Capitol some time during the night. It didn't end well for Milroy but he was clearly in the wrong, wouldn't stop, and was taken down. Seriously, do you really need to ask what party Milroy belongs to? Hint: Begins with 'D' and ends with 'rat.'

Via The Blaze

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L said...

We all know that most women dispise the "c" word. Sort of rubs them the wrong way. I feel the same about the "u" word. Worked with unions for years in the midwest and all they do is protect the lazy and steal from their employer. Did I just describe them as the "d" word?

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