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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood Consolidating Power in Egypt

The Egyptian uprising seems to be the forgotten revolution on the part of those who helped to support it - except for those that are living it. The uprising was cheered by the liberal media as something magnificent. A brutal dictator named Hosni Mubarak was ousted and Democracy would rule the day. The radical left in America championed the movement as well. Perhaps that's why they've decided to move on and support similar destruction elsewhere, which only opens the door for the Muslim Brotherhood. Lost on all of them, apparently, is the consequences of their own actions.

CNN reports (but fails to see its own complicity through inaccurate reporting in the first place):
Cairo, Egypt (CNN) -- Thousands of demonstrators gathered in Cairo's famous Tahrir Square on Friday, as part of an effort by liberal activists to revive their movement after a series of perceived political set-backs.

Dubbed the "Friday to Save the Revolution," the rally is an effort to show opposition to a recent proposed law which would criminalize protests. It is also an effort to re-assert the youth movement which drove former president Hosni Mubarak from power.

Many liberal activists fear they have been side-lined since Mubarak's February 11 overthrow by Egypt's ruling military council and by more politically-experienced Islamist groups, well disciplined after operating for decades in secret while facing harsh persecution.

"We want to ensure that our revolution is not stolen from us," announced a flier published by the Youth Coalition, one of the more prominent associations that emerged from the revolution.
It gets worse for the socialist uptopians who thought they could fill the void left by Mubarak. Thousands of Islamists are expected to descend on Egypt from other parts of the world to help consolidate the Muslim Brotherhood's power.

A lawyer who works with various Islamist groups has predicted that 3,000 leading figures of the Jama'a al-Islamyia and Egyptian Islamic Jihad groups will return to Egypt in a few days, as their names have been dropped from the "wanted" list maintained by Egyptian security forces.

"They are coming back from Afghanistan, Chechnya, Bosnia, Somalia, Kenya, Iran and London," said Ibrahim Ali.
I seem to remember many of us on the right warning of this very thing and the Liberal media just kept on perpetuating the lie. They don't show any signs of learning their lesson either. Those of us who saw the writing on the wall in Egypt see the same thing in Libya, Syria, Tunisia, and elsewhere. Yet, the liberal media continues to take the side of the Muslim Brotherhood, if not literally, then certainly in not reporting their true intentions while supporting the actions of the United States which only serves to further the cause of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya.

Speaking of Libya, Hillary Clinton has admitted that we are arming the rebels there but have no idea who they are. Here is what she said via POLITICO:
“The opposition has demonstrated a ‘commitment to democracy and to a very robust engagement with people from across the spectrum of Libyans,’ but ‘we do not have any specific information about specific individuals from any organization who are part of this,’ she said.”

Got that? We are killing people — Muammar Qadhafi’s troops and possibly civilians through “collateral damage” — in order to put the rebels in power.

But “we do not have any specific information about specific individuals from any organization who are part of this,” according to our secretary of state.
No word on when those who warned about this before Mubarak was even removed, will receive a 'you were right' admission from the liberal media.

Note to Liberal Media: Perhaps it's time to conduct another interview with Google regional manager in North Africa, Wael Ghonim. He is credited with leading the revolution but was thrown under the Muslim Brotherhood bus very soon thereafter. Here is 60 Minutes's interview with him after Mubarak was removed and before the Brotherhood filled the proverbial void:

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