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Friday, April 8, 2011

U.S. Ground Troops going in to Libya?

Obama seems intent on losing his far left kook base lately. If the anti-war crowd was up in arms over air strikes, imagine what kind of frenzy boots on the ground in Libya would do to them. On top of that, the mission is so unclear that the side we're choosing to fight on is the worst of two very bad options. We've already learned that al-Qaeda (Muslim Brotherhood) has a distinct presence among the rebels. In some cases, it's leading the effort.

Make no mistake; the Muslim Brotherhood wants the rebels to remove Gadhafi from power. So, why on earth would we help further that goal?

Via CBS:
(CBS/AP) WASHINGTON - The United States may consider sending troops into Libya with a possible international ground force that could aid the rebels, according to the general who led the military mission until NATO took over.

Army Gen. Carter Ham also told lawmakers Thursday that added American participation would not be ideal, and ground troops could erode the international coalition and make it more difficult to get Arab support for operations in Libya.

Ham said the operation was largely stalemated now and was more likely to remain that way since America has transferred control to NATO.

He said NATO has done an effective job in an increasingly complex combat situation. But he noted that, in a new tactic, Muammar Qaddafi's forces are making airstrikes more difficult by staging military forces and vehicles near civilian areas such as schools and mosques.

The use of an international ground force is a possible plan to bolster rebels fighting forces loyal to the Libyan leader, Ham said at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing.

Asked if the U.S. would provide troops, Ham said, "I suspect there might be some consideration of that. My personal view at this point would be that that's probably not the ideal circumstance, again for the regional reaction that having American boots on the ground would entail."
Adding insanity to an already insane situation is the fact that Obama has vowed to veto the bill that is supposed to continue funding the troops during the looming government shutdown.

War was not declared and congress was not consulted by Obama yet an escalation that involves U.S. ground troops supporting rebel forces laden with al-Qaeda, appears a distinct possibility. If ever actions dictated that Congress assert its authority, it's right now but the Democrats appear hell bent on martyring themselves through partisanship.

h/t Weasel Zippers

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