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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Video: Chevy Chase Crashes and Burns during Interview

This is really quite the sight to behold. While attending an eco-wacko event, Chevy Chase was asked a few questions about Obama, his environmental policies, and their success. Shockingly and unwittingly, throws the anti-apocalyptic cause of the eco-wacko movement under the bus by saying it has dropped down on the list of priorities because there are so many things that have become more important. Uh, Chevy, if the climate change movement is so important to mankind's existence, why would it EVER drop on the priority list? The answer is that it's been exposed as a fraud.

Perhaps that might help explain Chevy's excruciatingly long brain shutdown beginning at the 1:48 mark. I almost felt sorry for him. Then, he makes up for it by extolling the virtue of his own wisdom by saying he understands the 'nature of man.'

Via CNS News:

Perhaps THIS is where Chevy's downfall started.

h/t Sharp Elbows

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