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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Video: Harry Reid Leaves out 'Under God' when Citing Pledge of Allegiance

Barack Obama really has trouble with the part of the Declaration of Independence that says, 'endowed by our Creator.' Harry Reid, while on the Senate Floor made reference to the Pledge of Allegiance and cited the part that says, 'One Nation.... Indivisible' without quoting that little part in the middle about being 'under God.' In an ironic twist, at the end of this short clip, Reid then says those words recall a responsibility to 'our conscience.' Lost on him, obviously, is that the notion of 'conscience' is divinely inspired.

Not only that but if there's a scintilla of 'conscience' left inside Harry Reid, it may have been responsible for his omitting 'Under God' from his little speech here. Reid is one of the perpetrators of evil against this country. Are such people so repulsed by God that they can't even refer to Him?

And the mask slips some more...

h/t Free Republic

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