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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Video: Howard Dean is Back; Uses Propaganda to Decry Propaganda

On March 31st, Howard Dean spoke to an audience at Carnegie Mellon University and accused the Tea Party of being exclusively over 55 and white (racist). He then went on a rant about how the right wing - Fox in particular - engages in propagandistic lies it refuses to correct. He cites death panels as an example. Lost on Dr. Dean is that death panels were proven to be true by none other than the New York Times when they - perhaps inadvertently - reported that Medicare czar Donald Berwick put them back in Obamacare during the Christmas break in 2010.

Perhaps the most egregious words from Dean at Carnegie Mellon involved his contention that the right falsely accuses Obama of being a socialist. Lost on him - and evidence that it is Dean who is using propaganda - are the multiple instances in which Dean himself cheered Obama for his socialist policies and beliefs. Another notable quote comes at the very beginning in which Dean says of the Tea Party: 'This is a shrinking minority, ever shrinking, and the shrinkier they get, the madder they get.'

When you translate a socialist's words, that means just the opposite. The Tea Party isn't shrinking at all. It's growing exponentially.

Via The Blaze:

Here is Dean in France on April 5, 2009 extolling the virtues of socialism, er, I mean 'communitarianism' and Obama's role in furthering it.

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