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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Video: Mark Levin Slams the Budget Deal

The 'deal' to cut $38.5 Billion from the Federal non-budget is being touted as a victory for Republicans and John Boehner. I still can't see it. The cuts needed to be $207 Billion just to pay the interest on the current debt. Meanwhile, Republicans are asking the Tea Party to be patient and wait for Paul Ryan's budget; it's supposed to cut $6.2 Trillion from the deficit over the next ten years. This begs the quite natural question. If these guys couldn't even get the $61 Billion they promised to get, how on earth are they supposed to tackle Ryan's budget?

The answer is they can't, based on their own actions. Boehner should have shut this government down. The only consideration should have been that the troops get paid. The House sent up a bill that would have done that. Sure, Obama threatened a veto but there's absolutely NO WAY he would have carried through with the threat. NO WAY.

Putting it all in perspective, the Federal debt jumped $54.1 Billion in the 8 days that preceded this pathetic deal.

Once again, the Republicans and Democrats played a game of chicken and once again, the Democrats won.

Levin lays it out quite nicely on Cavuto:

h/t Hapblog

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