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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Video: Obama's Latest Pastor says Talk Radio 'Racist'

As White House Press Secretary Jay Carney laughed of questions about why Obama did not issue an Easter proclamation, he pointed to the fact that Obama was busy going to church that day. What he didn't say was that the views held by the pastor at the church Obama attended - Wallace Charles Smith - seems to hold views similar to those of Jeremiah Wright. He may not express them as theatrically but they're there nonetheless. Here is Smith at Eastern University last year. In this sermon, Smith invokes Jim Crow and refers to talk radio as racist. Then he explained why the KKK was formed. A curious omission by Smith is that the KKK was formed by Democrats who wanted to intimidate blacks.

One other aspect to this video worth noting is that Smith dismisses the notion that America can move past race because a black president was elected. This is pretty pathetic because it shows who really wants to fan the flames of racism. It's people like this.

VIa The Blaze

Here is Carney's attempt to highlight Obama attending Smith's church as a reason for no Easter proclamation. It takes on added significance once you know what Smith's views are.

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