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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Video: Rep. Paul Ryan Shred's Obama's Speech

This budget / deficit / spending battle is shaping up more and more to be a showdown between the young House Republican from the place where progressivism was born - Paul Ryan (R-WI) - and Barack Obama the socialist ideologue. A common theme in this battle is that Ryan understands economics and has put forth a very specific plan - though not perfect - on how to deal with the economic abyss in front of us. Conversely, Obama has no plan and has chosen to take Saul Alinsky's Rule #4 (that's the one about ridicule) and beat it to death.

Here is Ryan's reaction to Obama's speech on the budget crisis. Via Gateway Pundit:

Later in the day, Ryan appeared on Mark Levin's show and said Obama is like a 'pyromaniac in a field of strawmen.' HERE is a link to the audio.

In case you didn't see Obama's speech, here's just a taste. Note how Obama states that people should continue to contribute to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security because it's the right thing to do for others. Lost on him is that the entity he represents (government) bankrupted and raided those programs. It is those in government who have not done the right thing for the people those programs are supposed to help. All people like Obama know, however, is that they need more.

To get an idea of how enthralling the speech was, check out hair plugs' reaction:

h/t CNS News

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