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Monday, April 4, 2011

Video: Shameless RINO Lindsey Graham Wants to Rescind First Amendment during War with Unidentified Enemy

While on CBS's Face the Nation, Senator Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC) said he wished there was a way to hold people (like Pastor Terry Jones in Florida) 'accountable' for burning the Qur'an. He then said that 'Free speech is a great idea but we're at war.' As justification for shutting it down, he harkened back to WWII and said Americans were prevented from saying things that could 'inspire the enemy.' Senator Graham, perhaps if you political leaders accurately identified an enemy, people like Terry Jones wouldn't be 'inspired' to do what he did. Just who did Terry Jones 'inspire' with his Qur'an burning?

When the subject turns to Libya, Graham insists that Gadhafi should be removed from power without any apparent understanding of what would fill the void.

Exchange starts at the 2:00 mark.

Bill Kristol on Fox News Sunday called Terry Jones a 'Total Jackass.' Amazingly, the words he had for the murderers who reacted to Jones were not as strong. Once again, Kristol exposes himself as completely hypocritical. In 2006, he proudly explained why the Weekly Standard decided to publish incendiary Muhammad cartoons.

Diana West over at BIG PEACE explains perfectly the position of those who disagree with RINOs like Graham. If the liberal media and political leaders aren't careful, they're going to end up making Terry Jones a hero.

h/t Hot Air

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