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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Video: William F. Buckley vs. Saul Alinsky in 1967

This is only the first five minutes of a full hour but it's definitely worth watching. One conservative icon does battle with the founder of Community Organizing. This exchange is a look into the essence of the modern day battle between the Tea Party and the union thugs. The legacies of both men have ballooned significantly since their deaths. Buckley gets the better of this exchange and Alinsky ends up on the wrong side of semantic battles he actually created. For example, Buckley calls him on a quote attributed to him that referenced 'political pornography' and Alinsky took exception, saying he didn't call anyone a 'political pornographer.' Buckley shoots him down on that issue. The best part comes at the very end; Alinsky basically concedes that Buckley got him after making an analogy using a priest.

h/t to Hot Air

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