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Friday, April 22, 2011

Videos: Andrew Breitbart Smacks Down MSNBC Interviewer

Andrew Breitbart appeared on MSNBC for an interview with Martin Bashir to promote his new book, Righteous Indignation: Excuse me while I save the world. If anyone on the right needs a case study on how to deal with Alinsky smear tactics, just watch this video because Bashir lays it on thick. At one point he holds up a picture of Obama's face on a chimpanzee and asks Breitbart what he thinks of it. It was truly the visual equivalent of the notorious question, 'When did you stop beating your wife?' It was truly pathetic on the part of Bashir but Breitbart turns the tables on him and wins hands down.

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After that interview, Breitbart appeared on Steve Malzberg's radio show and challenged Bashir to prove that he actually read Breitbart's book - like he said he did during the interview. Breitbart threw down $10,000 to sweeten the pot.

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1 comment:

Judith said...

The rest of the wimpy right wing establishment should look and learn.
This was a lesson in how to "fast ball" it right back to the one
trying to smear someone with an action that had nothing to do with the person he was interviewing.

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