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Monday, May 23, 2011

Gunwalker Informant: U.S. Government 'More Corrupt' than Mexican Government

We can officially count Fox News' William La Jeunesse among mainstream media reporters who are actually covering the Project Gunwalker scandal; Sharyl Attkisson was the first. The Fox News website has posted his entire raw interview with a confidential informant about what our government has been engaged in relative to an operation that allowed guns to 'walk' into Mexico. These guns and this operation - Fast and Furious - are responsible for the deaths of countless Mexicans and two federal U.S. Agents - Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata.

Fast forward to the 4:00 mark if pressed for time. These are incredibly explosive revelations that could lead directly to the White House. Perhaps one of this informant's many bombshells is his claim that the U.S. Government is actually MORE CORRUPT than Mexico's government.

Via Fox News with Big h/t to David Codrea, who has actually posted the entire raw footage.

Here is the short report that aired back in April:

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