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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Obama Channels Nixon over Libya

When Obama commenced his 'kinetic military action' in Libya two months ago, he did so without the approval of Congress. Thanks to the War Powers Act of 1973, the clock began ticking relative to that operation. From that point, he had 60 days before he had to get the approval of Congress to continue those operations. Those 60 days expired yesterday. Today, there is no congressional approval and the kinetic military action has not ceased. Yes, Obama blew the deadline.

Interestingly, the Act was passed on Nixon's watch as a result of the Vietnam War. Congress even overrode Nixon's veto to pass it. The irony is palpable. Barack Obama is siding with a vetoed Nixon.

His argument for not pulling out of Libya? Well, it's not really a military action, it's only a kinetic one.

Via ABC News:
In an effort to satisfy those arguing he needs to seek congressional authorization to continue US military activity in accordance with the War Powers Resolution, President Obama wrote a letter to congressional leaders this afternoon suggesting that the role is now so “limited” he does not need to seek congressional approval.

“Since April 4,” the president wrote, “U.S. participation has consisted of: (1) non-kinetic support to the NATO-led operation, including intelligence, logistical support, and search and rescue assistance; (2) aircraft that have assisted in the suppression and destruction of air defenses in support of the no-fly zone; and (3) since April 23, precision strikes by unmanned aerial vehicles against a limited set of clearly defined targets in support of the NATO-led coalition's efforts.”

A senior administration official told ABC News that the letter is intended to describe “a narrow US effort that is intermittent and principally an effort to support to support the ongoing NATO-led and UN-authorized civilian support mission and no fly zone.”

“The US role is one of support,” the official said, “and the kinetic pieces of that are intermittent.”
Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the war in Vietnam labeled a 'police action' and not a war?

Congress should not stand by and let this happen. Then again, the most powerful Republican in Congress does cry a lot.

More on the missed deadline at WaPo

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