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Friday, May 20, 2011

Video: Did Obama Adviser Call for Invasion of Israel?

For those inclined to believe that Obama's words about Israel's borders being defined by '1967 lines' were taken out of context by the Associated Press, perhaps this interview excerpt of Samantha Power in 2008 might change your mind. Power is a close adviser to Obama and is a Director of the Multilateral Affairs on the National Security Council. There is a preponderance of reputable reports that say Power has been an integral part of Obama foreign policy decisions, including the mess that is Libya.

In that context, see if Power seems to be calling for an invasion of Israel here.

Via Verum Serum:

Stanley Kurtz of NRO writes of Power:
Knowing what Samantha Power wants reveals a great deal about Barack Obama’s own ideological commitments. It’s not just a question of whether he shares Power’s long-term internationalist goals, although it’s highly likely that he does. Power’s thinking also represents a bridge of sorts between Obama’s domestic- and foreign-policy aspirations. Beyond that, Power embodies a style of pragmatic radicalism that Obama shares. Both Obama and Power are skilled at placing their ultimate ideological goals just out of sight, behind a screen of practical problem-solving.
Again, unless Obama calls out the AP for misquoting him, both are highly suspect.

h/t VS

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