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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Video: Newt Slammed by Iowa Voter over his Comments

It's looking more and more like the worries out there about a weak Republican primary field may be ill-advised after all. The RINO herd appears to be thinning on its own because it's running into a much more informed and passionate base that is simply not willing to buy the political doublespeak. Gingrich went after Paul Ryan's budget plan on NBC's Meet the Press this past weekend, calling it 'right wing social engineering.' He also embraces the idea of an individual mandate, the issue at the heart of conservative rejection of Obamacare.

Huckabee appears to have dropped out before his RINO bonafides got the better of him. Gingrich is being run through the proverbial constituent grinder. Look for Romney to start feeling some real heat too after this. While in Iowa, Newt was confronted by a voter who was visibly disgusted with the former Speaker's comments on Meet the Press. Fast forward to the 1:40 mark if pressed for time.

h/t The Blaze

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