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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Video: NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre calls for Resignation of Eric Holder

The Project Gunrunner scandal really is huge, but it's still under the surface. Some have said it's too complicated for people to latch onto but it's really not. Our government intentionally let guns be put in the hands of Mexican drug cartels and those guns were used to kill innocent people, including Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. The reasons behind WHY our government did this involve gun control. The ATF has been stonewalling incessantly as Rep. Darrell Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley have been demanding documents to no avail.

It's time to add the NRA to the list of entities that are engaged on this issue. In Pittsburgh, NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre called for the resignation of Eric Holder, whose Department of Justice oversees the agency - ATF - that has been leading this operation.

PITTSBURGH—The National Rifle Association’s CEO Saturday said Attorney General Eric Holder should step down for allowing an operation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to occur on his watch that involved the sale of guns to suspicious customers with ties to Mexican drug cartels.

The ATF allegedly encouraged gun dealers to sell multiple firearms to known and suspected criminals as part of a broader sting operation to crack down on gunrunning. In a speech to thousands of gun activists here, NRA chief Wayne LaPierre said two assault rifles that the ATF “let walk” were found at the crime scene where a border patrol agent was gunned down in December.

“Operation Fast and Furious may have gotten one or perhaps two federal agents killed, and countless other innocent victims have been murdered with the illegal guns that our own government allowed into Mexico all to advance a political agenda,” he said.
The degree to which LaPierre and the NRA are willing to back up this rhetoric with action by putting consistent pressure on Congress, remains to be seen but the words ring true here. Holder is pleading ignorance while he stonewalls. The problem is if he knew about the operation, he should be removed from his position; if he didn't know about the operation, he was derelict and should be removed from his position.

If Holder authorized Operation Fast and Furious, which was part of the larger Project Gunrunner, he should also face serious criminal charges.

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heybone111 said...

It's clear Holder did not come up with this plan on his own. Janet Napolitano, Hilliary Clinton, and Obama's finger prints are all over this, and blood is on their hands!

When their treason was uncovered, this regime did not seek to expose under who's authority, gave the order to arm the criminals. They chose to avert attention in other directions, and are still trying to do so.

Thank goodness someone with political weight is demanding a head for this administrations anarchy. I find it shocking that not even acts of treason by this regime, can entice our representatives on EITHER side of the isle to demand justice. Shame on you all!!

Their MO - Turn aside and ignore the issue, the media will follow, and so will the public.

I say it's time to demand justice!!

Mexico releases gang body count: April 29, 2011 -

Thousands have died
Gangland violence has killed more than 35,000 people in little more than four years. Officials say most of the victims appear to have been murdered by gangland rivals. But a growing number have been killed in clashes with the military, especially in the region of south Texas. Hundreds of innocent civilians have also been killed, both by gangsters and the military.

Why is the American president so unconcerned with the 35.000 American's killed on the Mexican/American border, but starts a unprovoked war on the other side of the earth for 1000 Muslims killed in Libya?

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