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Sunday, June 26, 2011

ATF Director Melson Not Going Under the Bus Willingly

Reports began to surface late last week that acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson was going to be stepping down in the wake of the scandalous operation known as Fast and Furious / Project Gunrunner. It's looking like those predictions have been a bit premature because Melson doesn't appear ready to take the fall. Not only that but he appears to be eager to testify before Congress. These two realities very strongly point to Melson not being the one who authorized the 'felony stupid' program. Once again, signs are pointing to Attorney General Eric Holder:

Via LA Times:
The acting director of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is strongly resisting pressure to step down because of growing controversy over the agency's surveillance program that allowed U.S. guns to flow unchecked into Mexico, according to several federal sources in Washington.

Kenneth E. Melson, who has run the bureau for two years, is reportedly eager to testify to Congress about the extent of his and other officials' involvement in the operation, code-named Fast and Furious.

Melson does not want to be "the fall guy" for the program, under which ATF agents allowed straw purchasers to acquire more than 1,700 AK-47s and other high-powered rifles from Arizona gun dealers, the sources said. The idea was to track the guns to drug cartel leaders. But that goal proved elusive, and the guns turned up at shootings in Mexico, as well as at the slaying in Arizona of a U.S. Border Patrol agent in December.

"He is saying he won't go," said one source close to the situation, who asked for anonymity because high-level discussions with Melson remained fluid. "He has told them, 'I'm not going to be the fall guy on this.' "
If Fox News Channel wasn't so obsessed with the Casey Anthony trial and covered this story even half as much, maybe the American public would begin to understand just how corrupt our government is.

But alas.

Read it all.

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