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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Video: Is ATF Director on Suicide Watch?

Sipsey Street is reporting that it's heard from two sources that say revelations in yesterday's hearings have led to ATF Director Kenneth Melson either being ready to turn State's evidence or needing to be put on suicide watch. The testimony given by Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich - coupled with emails released by Issa that show Melson was 'in the weeds' with Gunwalker - are apparently too much for Melson to handle. Get ready for some big bombshells in and around this scandal in the coming days.

First up, the most explosive exchange that likely led to Melson's meltdown. Coupled with the release of emails that show Melson was monitoring Operation Fast & Furious weekly, along with Weich's performance put Melson in a box. The fireworks start right after Assistant Attorney General Weich delivers his opening statement. Fast forward to the 7:00 mark if you must.

See if you can read the body language of the woman directly behind Issa as he eviscerates Weich for several minutes:

Via Sipsey Street:
Heard from two sources today that the revelations at yesterday's hearing (dubbed "Black Wednesday" over at about Acting ATF Director Kenneth "Gunwalker Man" Melson hooked into Internet video of the Lone Wolf Trading Company hit the Fifth Floor of ATF HQ "like a bomb."

One source said, "Melson looks like he's been suckered punched and then run over by a Mack truck." He added, "I hope they've got him on suicide watch."

Another repeated a rumor to the same effect and then added, "The whispering is that he's ready to roll. He's been waffling back and forth on the decision for months, but the thinking is that this latest stuff at the hearing will push him into Issa and Grassley's lap. He's the (administration's) designated goat, he knows it, and he really doesn't have much choice."
If you watched the exchange between Issa and Weich, which for some reason is nowhere to be found on YouTube, it was truly historic. That exchange only serves to make these claims all the more credible.

More at Sipsey Street

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