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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Texas Governor adds Sanctuary City Legislation to Special Session

This is good news. Sanctuary City legislation in Texas looked like it was dead when it didn't get by the state Senate after Democrats blocked it at the end of the regular session. However, when a special session had to be called by Gov. Rick Perry after a Democrat Senator filibustered an unrelated bill, it meant that the Governor suddenly had the power to determine what legislation would be on the agenda. The best part? Super majorities are not required to pass legislation in the special session.

There was talk that Perry might avoid the sanctuary city issue because it's a politically hot potato but based on what he'd said on the record about such legislation being an 'emergency item,' there wasn't much wiggle room. Still, I give him credit for doing the right thing here.

Via Texas Tribune:
Gov. Rick Perry has added controversial immigration and homeland security measures to the agenda for the special legislative session that began last week.

Perry added abolishing “sanctuary cities,” the common term for entities that prohibit law enforcement from inquiring about immigration status, to the special session "call" — the list of items he’s asking lawmakers to address. The item was the only one of six "emergency items" so designated by Perry that didn’t make it the governor’s desk during the regular session that ended last month. The governor has also asked lawmakers to address matters relating to the federal government’s Secure Communities program, which is administered by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The initiative compares the fingerprints of those arrested to a federal database to determine if the individual is eligible for deportation under current immigration laws. Additionally, the call includes matters relating to “the issuance of driver’s licenses and personal identification certificates.”
There are two bills relative to this legislation. SB 9 and HB 9 both untie the hands of law enforcement by prohibiting municipalities from implementing policies that prevent police officers from checking the immigration status of individuals stopped.

Look for the Obama administration to take notice if this legislation makes it to Perry's desk and he signs it. Add to that the possibility that Perry might add the TSA pat-down ban bill in as well. This will send Obama's lackeys over the edge.

More at Texas Tribune

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