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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Audio: Boehner's Interview with Rush Limbaugh

Don't be fooled by Rush's very gracious welcome of House Speaker John Boehner to his show. In fact, Rush was so masterful at getting Boehner to expose himself that the Speaker realized what he said and so anticipated Rush's obvious next question that he answered it as if it were actually asked. Listen to the whole exchange but the nugget starts at the 3:40 mark. Limbaugh asks Boehner about the $1 Trillion increase in the debt ceiling compared with the $1.1 Trillion in spending cuts. The former will be spent in six months while the latter is spread out over ten years. Boehner realized he was busted and threw out a pretty lame excuse to justify the gross disparity.

Boehner's excuse? 'We waited to long to deal with the problem' and then he goes into some bizarre explanation about baby boomers.

h/t Hapblog:

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