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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shoebat Outs Another Stealth Jihadist

Do not forget the name Taha Jaber al-Alwani. Consider him officially exposed as a stealth Jihadist who helps produce dirtbags like Nidal Malik Hasan at Fort Hood. Thanks, once again, to former Muslim and PLO member / Muslim Brotherhood activist Walid Shoebat, al-Alwani is the latest Islamist whose writings in Arabic doom him after being translated into English by Shoebat. First up, consider that al-Alwani's job is to vet Muslim chaplains for the U.S. military. That is the premise that should set the proverbial stage of your outrage.

Via WND:
A man portrayed as a prominent Islamic scholar who has run a program to vet Muslim chaplains for the U.S. military has written an anti-Semitic column that condemns Jews for trying to make the rest of the world "subvervient" and explaining that he is able to see this "trickery" because of his understanding of the Quran, according to a translation.

The work is by Taha Jaber al-Alwani, who graduated from al-Azhar University in Cairo and later taught at Imam Muhammad ibn Saud University in Saudi Arabia.

He moved to the United States in 1983 and has served as chairman of the Fiqh Council of North America and as part of the Islamic Cordova University and its Graduate School of Islamic and Society Sciences program, through which Muslims who want to be chaplains in the U.S. military are accredited.
Like every stealth Jihadist, al-Alwani is like Jekyl and Hyde. In English, he speaks of peace while extolling the virtues of the west but in Arabic, he sows the seeds of hatred against America.
"Al-Alwani has compared America to the golden age of al-Andalus in Spain and has told Muslims in the mosques he visited that America is the best country in the world to live," said Shoebat. "He was even a signatory of the Muslim Statement Against Terror and even issued a fatwa (after consulting with Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi of course) urging Muslims to fight in the U.S. military in Afghanistan against terrorism. Qaradawi later reneged on his fatwa.

"But besides these glowing positions and seemingly acts of heroism, Alwani turns out to be an ardent anti-Semite. How could the U.S. military still employ this influential figurehead should not remain a mystery, especially after one runs into his writings – in Arabic, of course, which Alwani should not mind us translating and publishing it in full since he shouldn't mind us 'spreading the word!" Shoebat said.
The name of al-Alwani's article is 'The Great Haughtiness' and according to Shoebat, he quotes from Quranic verses to justify it. Though the full article Shoebat translated is not posted at WND, here it is in its entirety via Shoebat:
The Great Haughtiness
Taha Jabe Al-Alwani

“Allah, Mighty and Exalted is He who is all knowing when it comes to his creation and their willingness to do good or evil; told us that, “the children of Israel will do corruption in the land twice”. That is, two grand events since they have done mischief twice already in the past and many more after that. It is for this reason Allah said “But if you return [to sin], We [Allah] will return [for punishment]” (Isra:8)

So what is this “Great Haughtiness” that they were predicted to do? This “Great Haughtiness” is an intellectual, psychological and mental ability, which they can employ with great efficiency to take advantage of real and objective situations whatever these situation may be in accordance to their specific visions and goals in a meticulous fashion. We can express from the Glorious Quran and say that this is an ability to employ legal practices, social and cosmic laws and even individual trends as well to make others subservient in their hands in order to fulfill their goals. There is hardly any doubt that the Arabs own several folds in material resources then others, but they do not own this sense that we just mentioned.

The ancient Hebraic education, or what may be termed “the jurisprudence of the cow” (termed for the cow [in Sinai]) that is; the thought and jurisprudence of the “ox that bellows” really suits it’s ability to find exit holes as it is accustomed to trickery. Also suits it is its ability to “endlessly pant and persist”. These things and many other things, which we find in the Torah, the Talmud and the Mishna and other religious sources from their religion which many modern thinkers, see as an “extinct national dream”.

But I, through the light of the Quran see it resurrected in front of me; it still represents the central pillars for their education. Those who were led astray by a golden calf that is empty inside which only has its exterior golden brilliance with it bellowing in the wind at empty bodies.

So the Zionist leaders made this calf a model for today’s world so they can be able to control it. Today’s world with its secularism and its phony democracy and alongside its free and controlled trade and national legitimacy and all these other subjects that bellows and never dialogues; all this is not far fetched to be an image of a calf that moos with an outward appearance that is beautiful, breathtaking and shiny that almost takes your breath away.

So the giant media takes on the part of mooing and bellowing that never ends which has an ability to transform humans into animals that the media consumes it’s energy. It [the media] empties him and fills him with whatever it wants. The nations were transformed under the shade of this calf-like image into herds composed of individuals that are unable to build relationships or identities.

They [the Jews] were able to convert a negative incident [the Holocaust], which ended them up in a collective apostasy; to a model, which enabled them to make strategies, institutions and plans to ensure that the world—the whole world—remain beneath them.

So, the end result is that everyone worships a calf; which was built by them modeled by a Samaritan using the imagination of the world through the media. But they [the Jews] chose to worship an image of a golden calf that moos. The Samaritan used whatever the Egyptians entrusted him of their gold to make this famed calf.

So what can we do, and especially those of us who sit in positions of control over our great battle as we live alongside this calf? How can we first study deeply there psyche and minds? And how to know there inherited education with its influence as they manage the conflict with the rest of the nations on the earth?

When will the Muslims get out of being a useless reeling multitude to gain the position of imposing ourselves to be respected by the whole world and to employ their [the Muslim] great abilities for benefiting this struggle with others? Only then will we be able to have dialogue on an equal footing and not through all the bellowing”. End of Article.
Why is our Department of Defense allowing these Jihadists into our military when doing so is criminal?

More at WND

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