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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Videos: John McCain Mocks Tea Party

When you watch these clips, it demonstrates just how far this country has moved away from the establishment mentality since 2008. The notion that the Republican Party would nominate a man like John McCain as its presidential candidate is so far removed from reality in 2011 that it seems like there should be much more time separating us from that election. The Senator from Arizona rarely, if ever, displays this level of scorn for his Democrat opponents because, well, he likes to 'reach across the aisle' in search of compromise.

When it comes to the Tea Party demands relative to the debt ceiling, they're just 'hobbits.'

At another point during McCain's rant, he accused the Tea Party freshmen of 'deceiving' the American people into believing that a Balanced Budget Amendment has a chance of passing. Talk about irony. Never before have I heard Senator McCain say that it is deceptive to tell the American people that any proposed spending cuts aren't really cuts at all. They're simply reductions in projected future spending.

Some on the right argued that McCain's primary opponent in 2010 - J.D. Hayworth - had no chance against the Democrat nominee and that was reason enough to vote for McCain. As I've said for a very long time, the Tea Party would have been better off if McCain had been defeated by a Democrat. At least such a person would actually represent his own party.

This is disgraceful:

h/t The Blaze

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