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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Was Facebook Page of Oslo Terrorist Changed while he was Detained?

The questions about Oslo terrorist Anders Behring Breivik continue to mount. Among the most perplexing involves his Facebook page, which was apparently altered to include the descriptors 'Christian' and 'Conservative' after he had already been apprehended. That begs one very simple question: Who changed Breivik's Facebook page? As Pamela Geller points out, once Breivik's name was released, he had already perpetrated his attacks. Note how his Facebook page looked immediately after his name had been released:

Via Atlas Shrugged, note how there is no mention of him being either Christian or conservative (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE):

Then, his facebook page changed to reflect his conversion to Christianity sometime either during or after his shooting of children (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE):

This is beyond being highly suspicious. If, indeed, Breivik's Facebook page was manipulated to portray him as someone the left has been frothing at the mouth to find, the entire Facebook account of Anders Behring Breivik must be considered suspect.

For example, Solid Principles has linked to a PDF of a more extensive Facebook profile of Breivik. Take note of the Sponsored links in the right hand column. One features Sarah Palin and another, Bret Baier.

Another very curious aspect to Breivik's profile comes courtesy of Sky News. Apparently, his 1500 word manifesto paints him as a 'Neo-Nazi.' Uh, if he's a neo-Nazi, he ain't no Christian.

Something really, really stinks about this whole thing.

h/t Jihad Watch

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