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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wisconsin Economy Growing, Union Thugs Conspicuously Silent

Well, it looks like Governor Scott Walker continues to win the battle for Wisconsin. Private sector job growth is taking place in the liberal state of Wisconsin, not because of liberal policies but because liberal policies were rejected. It didn't take long either. The biggest reason for the increase in the private sector growth had to do with - wait for it - government workers being let go who then had to find jobs elsewhere. Guess where they found them. The private sector. For the first time, many of these workers will probably feel better at the end of their work day.

Via JS Online:
Wisconsin bucked a lackluster national trend in June and added an estimated 12,900 private-sector jobs from May to June, representing the largest single-month gain of private sector jobs since September 2003.

Hailing "incredibly good news," Gov. Scott Walker took the unusual step of traveling to Milwaukee to present the state's latest monthly unemployment report in person. Some of the good news stems from the policies of his 6-month-old Republican administration, he said, but added that the overall business climate or "motivation" was also a factor that worked in the economy's favor.

Citing the latest data, which Wisconsin receives from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Walker noted that Wisconsin effectively created half of the net new jobs in the nation last month, which was an abysmal month for national job creation.

Total net new jobs in Wisconsin last month rose 9,500 because a continued decline in government employment offset some of the gains of the private-sector job creation. That compares to an equivalent national figure of 18,000, which derives from net new U.S. private-sector growth of 57,000 jobs minus the drop of 39,000 in government payrolls.
This is what we call opportunity cost. When government workers are let go, not only do expenditures go down but those workers end up actually paying taxes from their jobs in the private sector, which increase government revenues.

h/t GWP

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