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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

John McCain's Libyan 'Heroes' Already turning to Sharia Law

Back in April, Senator John McCain visited Benghazi, Libya and visited with rebel leaders. At his hotel, he was questioned by an Al Jazeera reporter about any concerns he may have had about who was leading the opposition forces. His response was, 'they're my heroes.' Aside from this being a completely boneheaded thing to say, the degree of ignorance displayed by McCain was shocking for someone at his level. Despite there being all kinds of warning signs that rebel forces consisted of al Qaeda fighters who were backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, he seemed clueless.

Unfortunately, with the fall of Gadhafi, McCain, once again, was proven wrong by those of us who know better. The rebel forces have already presented a Draft Constitution and guess what? Sharia Law will be at the new government's foundation.

Via Heritage:
Much of the document describes political institutions that will sound familiar to citizens of Western liberal democracies, including rule of law, freedom of speech and religious practice, and a multi-party electoral system.

But despite the Lockean tenor of much of the constitution, the inescapable clause lies right in Part 1, Article 1: “Islam is the Religion of the State, and the principal source of legislation is Islamic Jurisprudence (Sharia).” Under this constitution, in other words, Islam is law. That makes other phrases such as “there shall be no crime or penalty except by virtue of the law” and “Judges shall be independent, subject to no other authority but law and conscience” a bit more ominous.
Heritage goes on to explain that it is not confirmed whether this document will be the last one standing when a new government is formed but it DOES only further bolster the claims made by those who questioned our support of the rebel forces.

As a senator, McCain is an outright embarrassment to this nation. Fast forward to the 1:40 mark to watch him say the Libyan rebels are his 'heroes.'

Here is the Draft Constitution in full:

Libya Draft Constitutional Charter for the Transitional Stage

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