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Monday, August 22, 2011

Libya Falls, Now What?

Now that it appears the Gadhafi regime in Libya is coming to a close, let's take inventory of the Arab Spring, which started with Tunisia, a small North African country to Libya's west. Dictator Ben Ali fails to beat back the uprising there and flees the country on January 14, 2011. Soon thereafter, a similar uprising takes place in Egypt with Tahrir Square in Cairo serving as the epicenter of activity. With the help of the liberal media - along with the Obama administration - Hosni Mubarak steps down on February 11, 2011. Then NATO set it sights on Libyan strongman, Muammar Gadhafi, in an undeclared war backed by the Obama administration. To be fair, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) referred to the rebels as 'my heroes.' Though Gadhafi's forces put up more of a fight than Obama probably expected or liked, he surrendered on August 22, 2011.

Now what? As Libya no longer requires NATO support against Gadhafi, and the US is not likely interested in more nation building, watch for our diplomatic, political, and even some military resources to re-focus on Syria, where dictator Bashar al-Assad is facing an uprising of his own. Though the 'Arab Spring' is taking place all over the Middle East, those interested in furthering it are likely going to look for the regimes most vulnerable at any given time. This is clearly the case in Syria, which is dealing with two separate opposition groups that seek the overthrow of Assad. One is the pro-democracy Syrian opposition and the other is the Muslim Brotherhood, which is either seizing or has seized control in the other three countries mentioned.

According to the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA), the Obama administration has chosen to back the Muslim Brotherhood forces. US Senators McCain, Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Joe Lieberman (I-CT), have all publicly endorsed Obama's support for Assad's ouster but seem to be either ignorant of or unconcerned with what will replace him.

There is another country at the center of all of this that seems to be escaping scrutiny. In fact, Turkey, which is now ruled completely by Islamists, is sitting back and reveling in all of these nation states coming to them. The United States, in supporting these uprisings is actually doing Turkey's bidding for nothing in return except a larger debt and a much greater long term threat. When one looks at the history of the Muslim Brotherhood, it was formed in 1928 for one reason - to reestablish the Ottoman Empire, which was based in what is modern day Turkey. Even the liberal LA Times admits this.

This is something former Muslim Brotherhood activist Walid Shoebat has been preaching for nearly a decade now. Turkey has the second-largest military in NATO and the US is the first but we are actually dwindling our resources as a result of reckless spending and wars that actually further the cause of the Muslim Brotherhood and, by extension, Turkey.

Again, why are almost all of the Obama administration's foreign policy decisions in line with the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood, to include our insane deficit spending? We know there are Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers in this administration but we don't know how many. The more we push the Brotherhood's agenda, the more we need to find out.

Timelines for Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya.

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