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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Video: CAIR vs. 9/11 Coloring Book Publisher, Round 2

Last week, we learned that the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) objected to a 9/11 coloring book that portrayed the September 11th hijackers as Muslim. Despite the fact that they WERE Muslim, CAIR's Executive Director for Michigan, Dawud Walid called the coloring book 'disgusting.' As the controversy garnered more exposure, Wayne Bell, the publisher of the coloring book debated Walid on CNN's headline news. The best line of this clip comes from Bell, who called Osama bin Laden a 'devil worshipper.' That appeared to get Walid's dander up. It looked like he was going to take 'great exception' to something Bell said but unfortunately, Bell continued talking when he may have been better served to let Walid show his true colors.

It's unusual for CAIR to agree to debate opposition guests so this is a bit of an exception; it's also a fight CAIR would probably be better served not to engage in. A depiction of 9/11 hijackers as Muslim is not a reach. It's a fact.

At one point, Walid actually invokes the name of Dr. Seuss to make his point that cartoons have a history of being discriminatory against minorities. Yeah, that Dr. Seuss.

If you'd like to get caught up on the story before watching the debate, click HERE.

Via Big Peace, h/t Jawa:

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