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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Video: George Will Should Stay out of Prognostication Business

George Will is to establishment journalism what George W. Bush was to establishment Republicanism. There is a movement afoot that establishment types still don't fully understand. Conventional wisdom does not apply. Before Rick Perry entered the race last week, Mitt Romney was the presumptive Republican nominee. Less than one week later, Rick Perry is leading in the polls. Something tells me that he will drop in a fashion similar to what happened to Donald Trump. The entry and early success of Perry has started talk that Chris Christie and Paul Ryan may jump in next. There is still no telling what Sarah Palin might do either.

The Republican nominee - whoever it will be - may not even be in the current field. Conventional wisdom says that they are but the ground has shifted dramatically and this clip of George Will from May reveals that totally and completely. He was wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong and he should probably start adjusting his paradigm.

Great clip posted at Michelle Malkin's site. Either George Will was saying that the only two candidates who have a chance to beat Obama are Mitch Daniels and Tim Pawlenty OR he was completely wrong about who the nominee will be. If it's the former, he should just stop talking about the nomination process because Obama will beat whoever the Republicans put on the ticket. If it's the latter, Will should stop prognosticating.

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