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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Video: Perry Throws some Red 'Federal Reserve' Meat in Iowa

As a Texan who has seen Rick Perry govern, I wish I could convince more people that this kind of rhetoric is absolutely not backed up with action. Perry is a master at donning the apron and chef's hat, grilling Grade A red meat, and throwing it to the party. However, when it's time for the rubber to meet the road, he does not deliver. Two recent examples came earlier this year in Texas' special legislative session. Perry took too long to put two very important, Tea Party-backed bills on the agenda - the Sanctuary cities bill and the TSA anti-groping bill - and then after he finally did, he skipped town. He avoided the bully pulpit altogether. It was as if he wanted those bills to die from a legislative kabuki dance, which they did.

In fact, two Texas billionaires chimed in at the 11th hour on the sanctuary cities bill and helped to kill it by throwing their weight and money around. One was a grocery chain magnate and the other a Houston home builder. Had Perry truly been a governor for the people of Texas, he would have jumped into the political fire instead of running from it. That's why I find rhetoric like this so disingenuous.

If there is an upside to it, perhaps it will raise the game of the other candidates but I'm telling anyone who reads this, do NOT buy what this guy is selling.

Via Hapblog:

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