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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Audio: Did Mayor Bloomberg Issue a Veiled Threat?

At best, these comments by New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg are irresponsible. At worst, and far more likely, they were intended as a threat. Maybe he didn't yell, 'FIRE' in a crowded theater here, but he certainly set the stage for it. Bloomberg appears to be prepared to yell if Congress doesn't spend more money. He also further portrayed himself as an official Obama lap dog here, by saying that unless Republicans 'compromise' on the Obama bill that doesn't even really exist yet, there are going to be riots in the streets.

The falsehoods, lies, and misrepresentations communicated by Bloomberg during this interview on WOR radio in New York City are beyond shameful and come in such a large dose, they could choke a donkey. Two examples are found in his pointing to the riots in Cairo and Madrid as being the result of not passing something similar to Obama's still non-existent jobs bill. In truth, the riots in Cairo were inspired by the Muslim Brotherhood and have nothing to do with lack of government largesse. As far as Spain, the reason those people are so disenfranchised is because the socialist utopia Bloomberg is calling for here, failed over there.

This man is a disgrace and a danger to our national security. Reminds me of Ground Zero mosque imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf telling Americans that if we don't build the mosque, al-Qaeda could attack us again.

h/t Hot Air

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