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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fast and Furious Coverup now Involves Hiding Gun Found at Brian Terry Murder Scene

As the scandal known as Operation Fast and Furious continues to inch closer and closer to Barack Obama and Eric Holder, it's being learned just how ugly the creature behind the stonewalls really is. It was more than bad enough when it was learned that two of the guns found at the murder scene of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry were guns the ATF allowed to 'walk' into Mexico but now it's been learned that a third gun was at the scene and the FBI appears to have made it 'disappear' because it would have implicated one of its informants. An informant, by the way, who allegedly provided the money to buy the guns used to murder Terry.

Via Fox News:
A third gun linked to "Operation Fast and Furious" was found at the murder scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, new documents obtained exclusively by Fox News suggest, contradicting earlier assertions by federal agencies that police found only two weapons tied to the federal government's now infamous gun interdiction scandal.

Sources say emails support their contention that the FBI concealed evidence to protect a confidential informant. Sources close to the Terry case say the FBI informant works inside a major Mexican cartel and provided the money to obtain the weapons used to kill Terry.

Unlike the two AK-style assault weapons found at the scene, the third weapon could more easily be linked to the informant. To prevent that from happening, sources say, the third gun "disappeared."

In addition to the emails obtained by Fox News, an audio recording from a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent investigating the Terry case seems to confirm the existence of a third weapon. In that conversation, the agent refers to an "SKS assault rifle out of Texas" found at the Terry murder scene south of Tucson.

The FBI refused to answer a detailed set of questions submitted to officials by Fox News. Instead, agency spokesman Paul Bresson said, "The Brian Terry investigation is still ongoing so I cannot comment." Bresson referred Fox News to court records that only identify the two possible murder weapons.

However, in the hours after Terry was killed on Dec. 14, 2010, several emails written to top ATF officials suggest otherwise.

In one, an intelligence analyst writes that by 7:45 p.m. -- about 21 hours after the shooting -- she had successfully traced two weapons at the scene, and is now "researching the trace status of firearms recovered earlier today by the FBI."
Again, this is not a scandal limited to the ATF as was alleged early on. This revelation implicates the FBI. We already knew that the US Attorneys office in Phoenix was involved.

Additionally, Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa and Senate Judiciary ranking member Charles Grassley have decided to press forward with leads that implicate the White House in this scandal.

HERE is a letter sent to Thomas Donilon, Asst to the President and National Security Advisor.

Of all the scandals that could have damaged Obama to this point, this one would, by far, do so to the greatest degree if he's involved. Beyond that, Issa has already held multiple rounds of hearings and has been investigating this case for six months so far. Any scandal that takes down an administration would take a long, long time. Watergate took well over a year to get to Nixon. As this continues to build, voters should consider a dynamic that could rear its head in the run-up to November. All signs point to Fast and Furious getting exponentially worse for Obama between now and then. As it does, incumbent Democrats will have to reassess their allegiance to Obama.

Here is the Fox News report on that the third weapon at Terry's murder scene:

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