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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Video: Biden Calls Tea Party 'Barbarians'

Attempts on the part of the White House to deny that Joe Biden called the Tea Party 'terrorists' were weak because of the number of independent reports to the contrary. This video basically confirms Biden did say it. First, in Detroit with Obama, Jimmy Hoffa Jr. tells a union crowd that they are Barack Obama's 'army' and that they need to 'take these son of a bit***s out.' Then, on the same day, while in Cincinnati, Vice President Joe Biden tells a similar crowd that they are involved in a 'war' and that the 'barbarians are at the gate.' By 'barbarians,' Biden was referring to the Tea Party. The speeches of Hoffa and Biden were so similar in tone that one can only conclude that the tone and message were both sanctioned by the White House; there's only one guy higher on the totem pole than Biden, which leads to another question.

Why has Obama been so conspicuously silent when it comes to the extreme rhetoric from both his party and his administration? Answer: he's endorsing it. The good news? These guys are losing.

Via Hapblog:

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