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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why Palin is Most Certainly Electable

I've grown rather weary of the narrative / premise that says Sarah Palin is not electable. It's simply not true and here's why. Led by the country's biggest RINO, McCain's campaign was all but dead until he named Palin as his running mate. If not for the financial crisis in October, the race would have been much closer. In fact, McCain / Palin was polling ahead of Obama before the crash. McCain's trip to D.C. after suspending his campaign was a disaster. The point is, McCain didn't lose because of Palin. He was as close as he was BECAUSE of her.

Another factor that shouldn't be forgotten is that Obamamania was at a fevered pitch in 2008. Today, there IS no Obamamania, only prideful, partisan, and socialist defenders.

Take into account that as a Vice Presidential candidate, Palin was able to inspire an apathetic conservative base to hold their noses and vote for McCain. Imagine what she could do as a presidential candidate with someone like Marco Rubio on the ticket at a time when this country is souring on Obama by the minute.

In 2008, McCain / Palin garnered 173 electoral votes to Obama's 365. Based on the Tea Party movement, the rise of conservatism in general, and Obama's failings, I think it's relatively safe to say that Palin / Rubio would pick up the same states McCain / Palin did in 2008. So, what states that Obama picked up then could Palin / Rubio pick up now?

Quite realistically, Palin could pick up Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Maryland, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. That would give her 315 electoral votes while only needing 270, so she wouldn't have to win all of those states.

For some inexplicable reason, the right in this country has bought into the narrative that Palin is not electable and polls are suggesting that 70% of Republicans don't want her to get into the race, largely because of that and their infatuation with Rick Perry.

Don't drink the Perry-aid, folks. He is NOT a conservative; he just knows how to season the RINO meat before he throws it your way.

h/t RCP for the map.

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