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Saturday, October 29, 2011

About that Injured Marine Veteran at Occupy Oakland

It never ceases to amaze how the left will attempt to exploit any situation to its advantage and when its apparatchiks really think they have something, they will beat on it until there's nothing left but horse bones. Invariably, however, the opportunity they thought was perfect for exploitation ends up becoming more of a liability. Take the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, for example. The left seized upon the fact that she was a Democrat. Therefore, the right had to be responsible. As the details came available, it was clearly demonstrated that if Jared Loughner was political at all, he was more a creature of the left; he listed the Communist manifesto and Mein Kampf as two of his favorite books.

Enter the latest left wing attempt at incident exploitation. On October 25th, Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen was critically injured at the Occupy Oakland protests. The left seized upon the notion that because Olsen was a war veteran, the right was comprised of hypocrites who have no respect for military veterans who don't share their ideology.

Not so fast. For starters, Verum Serum has learned that Olsen is the founder of a website called which is a forum that allows people to express their unchecked hatred for the Marines. VS also posted what is more than likely Olsen's comment at the Yahoo Answers site:
The Marine Corps thrives on its image. They convince young men and women that they’re joining a professional military organization. But that’s not the case at all, every Marine knows it, and most have no problem downplaying the bullshit to outsiders so they can protect their “beloved corps”. I noticed some of the other posters have told you not to pay any attention to my site because we’re just a bunch of ********* who couldn’t hack it, right? Maybe not hacking it means we saw through the bullshit and don’t want to take it. Maybe the brainwashing didn’t work on us. I’m not here to tell you if you should join or not. I’m here to advise you to take the people who visit my website just as seriously as anybody who tries to sell you the MC as a good thing.

My site is anonymous, these people don’t have to worry about hiding from the MC, or protecting the MC’s image or anything. It is unfiltered truth.
Former Marine, owner of
Interestingly, Olsen is also a member of the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW). You might remember that none other than would-be Fort Hood jihadist Pfc. Nasser Abdo, expressed support for and received support from IVAW. This from Raw Story:
IVAW, similarly, admitted to Raw Story that they also worked with Abdo, but a spokesperson who asked not to be named said they absolutely condemn his alleged actions.

“We have worked with him in the past, but he was not ever a member of this organization,” the spokesperson said. “We have had three interactions with him in the past: We supported his application as a conscientious objector; we publicized a statement by him condemning Islamophobia; and finally, he lended his support to our ‘Operation Recovery’ campaign last Veteran’s Day. Besides that, we do not have a concrete link with him.
I'd say it's quite obvious that Olsen despises the Marines and supports a group that expressed solidarity with a jihadist who had the murder of Americans on his mind. Also, like Abdo, Olsen appears to be anti-Semitic. Check this post out via Gateway Pundit.

Now, check out this video from MoxNews. Police apparently reporting that it's just as likely Olsen was hit by a projectile hurled by a protester as it was by any police officer.

Conspicuously absent from the reporting is that when police move into an area to disperse crowds, law-abiding citizens in that crowd LEAVE. If police are responsible for this injury, they are NOT responsible for Olsen's refusal to leave the area before putting himself in a position where he might get hurt.

The left better seriously re-think its alignment with Olsen. Then again, it will likely continue to exploit this incident for as long as it can, regardless of the truth.

h/t Verum Serum

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