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Sunday, October 30, 2011

John McCain's 'Heroes' Plant al-Qaeda Flag atop Benghazi, Libya Courthouse

File this in the 'that didn't take long' department. Perhaps the only thing more inexplicable than an al-Qaeda flag being planted atop the Benghazi, Libya courthouse are the words of Senator John McCain earlier this year as he visited Benghazi. While talking with al-Jazeera, McCain referred to the Libyan rebels who would eventually sodomize Moammar Gadhafi with a stick as his 'heroes.' McCain would later walk down the street where his 'heroes' had beheaded a man for allegedly being black. It is shocking that members of the American public who have jobs and supposedly don't have time to keep up with world events, knew McCain was wrong and either completely ignorant or disingenuous when he did these things.

Salute your heroes, Mr. McCain.

From Vice, Via Daily Caller:
If there were questions about al-Qaida’s role in post-Gadhafi Libya, VICE reporter Sherif Elhelwa provides some answers in a new story with eyewitness descriptions.

Al-Qaida flags, Elhelwa reports, are popping up around Benghazi. At the city courthouse, which played a prominent role in the Libyan revolution, residents are flying the late terrorist’s Osama bin Laden’s colors.

Similarly, Elhelwa recounts a regular evening sight: “Islamists driving brand-new SUVs and waving the black al Qaeda flag drive the city’s streets at night.”
If McCain didn't know this would happen, he's incompetent. If he did know it would happen, he's something worse. In either case, he is not fit to serve in the US Congress.

Again, this 'Arab Spring' is about the Muslim Brotherhood - of which al-Qaeda is a part - taking control of middle eastern countries and erasing their borders so that they may all role up under a resurrected Ottoman Empire in Turkey. Yes, US and NATO forces have been doing the bidding of Turkey's Islamist government while the latter just sits back and watches John McCain call al-Qaeda his 'heroes.'

Doesn't get any more disturbing than that, does it?

More on McCain's visit in April HERE.

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