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Friday, October 14, 2011

Video Beautificousness: Tea Party Puts Anarchist Icon on Defense

As the Occupy Wall Street bums begin to run out of gas - largely because they can't clean up after themselves (let alone clean themselves) - 1960's radical icon Frances Fox Piven ran into a bit of a Tea Party buzz saw at one of the least likely places - a college campus. Symbolically, this is quite significant. The Obama administration seems to be following the Cloward-Piven strategy to a tee. In essence, anarchy is created by overwhelming the entitlement system with obligations it cannot meet. Here, Piven whips out the race card while referring to the Tea Party at Messiah College. Unfortunately for Piven, she wasn't expecting to hear a Tea Party rebuke from the audience.

Remember, when applying the Alinsky model, it is imperative that participants enjoy what they're doing, that opponents are sufficiently bullied into submission. When this doesn't happen, the model breaks down. That's what makes this so significant. In the context of this exchange, it may not mean much. In the bigger picture, however, Piven is a virtual icon of the left wing movement today. This was an extremely significant occurrence in that respect. Fireworks start at the 1:30 mark when Piven says the Tea Party didn't like the idea of a 'black president.'


This set up a question from someone in the audience in which Piven was asked to explain the rise of Herman Cain in light of her premise that the Tea Party has a problem with the idea of a black president. In typical heads-I-win-tails-you-lose fashion, Piven asserts that Cain 'dilutes the suspicion.' Translation: Herman Cain's rise is a Tea Party conspiracy. Note, however, that Piven modulates her position a bit when pressed:

Piven then comes full circle and gives the Tea Party legitimacy as a movement while asserting that she hopes it's not the 'only important movement in American society.' This is significant because it reveals a sense of doubt that the left may not have an answer for the Tea Party. Days later, the Occupy Wall Street movement appears to be winding down.

h/t Weasel Zippers

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