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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Video: Registered Socialist Jesse Jackson Jr. is Certifiably Insane

The left's tired attempts to compare Barack Obama to Abraham Lincoln just got a whole lot more pathetic. It's amazing how the hatred for the principles of the Republican Party simply will not stop Democrats from invoking Republican presidents like Lincoln and Reagan whenever it suits their twisted agenda. In this case, Jesse Jackson, Jr. attempts to make the argument that Obama needs to go around Congress to get Stimulus II passed because Congress is rebelling just like the confederate states did in the Civil War. Perhaps the most insane part of this is Jackson's assertion that the 'Congress is in rebellion.' The opposite is indeed true; the Congress has been neutered.

Before watching this video, take note that Jesse Jackson, Jr. has been a registered member of the Democratic Socialists of America caucus (DSA). Translation: he's a communist. This video should further demonstrate that. It's also an interesting add-on to North Carolina's governor - Bev Perdue - suggesting that elections should be suspended so Congress can focus on jobs and Peter Orzag's argument that the US needs a little less Democracy.

Via Daily Caller:

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