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Monday, October 3, 2011

Video: Roseanne Barr Channels Bill Ayers

I purposely avoided posting this video because I didn't really want to watch it but after I saw that it's been going viral, I decided to take a look. The call for the guillotine is interesting for sure because it carries with it, the implication that we need another French Revolution, which was the manifestation of evil. However, what caught my attention even more was Roseanne's reference to re-education camps. She didn't just refer to them; she mirrored the rhetoric of Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground from 1969, when she said that anyone who could not be reeducated would have to be killed. Details about that after you watch Roseanne.

Rewind to 1982. Larry Grathwohl, the only man to successfully infiltrate the Weather Underground, appeared in a documentary where he relayed what he heard Bill Ayers and company say. According to Grathwohl, the plan was to overthrow the US Government and open 'Reeducation centers' in the American southwest. Those centers were to be filled with capitalists and any of them who could not be reeducated would have to be eliminated (killed). The estimate was 25 Million people.

See for yourselves (starts at the 1:10 mark):

I have one very simple question. Where did Roseanne Barr learn this?

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