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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Confirmed: OWS More Racist than Tea Party

Forget the fact that the extremely anti-Semitic group known as CAIR joined the OWS protests in New York; one of CAIR's lawyers organized Occupy Orlando, and former CAIR South Florida Executive Director led a 2008 protest in which participants called for Jews to be 'sent back to the ovens,' we now have an interesting statistic relative to those cries of racism that come from the left when it comes to the Tea Party. In 2010, a Gallup Poll showed that 6% of the black population aligned themselves with the Tea Party. Yet, only 1.6% of the OWS movement is black despite the fact that the OWS represents the party that typically garners 90% of the black vote.

The Washington Post has engaged in a bizarre form of rationalization about why:
Blacks have historically suffered the income inequality and job scarcity that the Wall Street protesters are now railing against. Perhaps black America’s absence is sending a message to the Occupiers: “We told you so! Nothing will change. We’ve been here already. It’s hopeless.”
What? Is this a back-handed admission that the hope and change Obama promised isn't available to blacks OR whites? I have a better explanation for why black membership at OWS is not even one third that of black Tea Party membership.

OWS is Racist.

h/t GWP

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