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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dude! Must See Video of Occupy Oakland Protesters

Please force yourself to suffer through this rather lengthy video. It's basically an Occupy Oakland press conference in the middle of the street - or at least next to one - and several members of the movement actually chime in. If ever there was a case study for Occupy Oakland, this should do it. It starts off with a woman named Barucha Peller. At first, she appears to be a spokesperson with a lip stud. If you can overlook that, you might be convinced that she's a reputable front-woman. Then she loses all credibility when she says she doesn't represent Occupy Oakland.

At that point, the media frenzy wants to talk with someone else; they settle on a guy named Shake Anderson but while Shake is giving his account, Barucha chastises him for speaking. As those two begin their version of conflict resolution, a guy named Michael Turner steps up to the mic. Try to overlook the gold chain hanging down from Turner's nose to his chin; he's got something to say.

As Turner is speaking, he apparently crosses a line with another protester, whose name is Khalid Shakur, who's wearing the hat with ear flaps. While Shakur is talking, some woman jumps in about something I still don't understand. Then, a guy named John Ryman chimes in. According to him, he is the guy responsible for Occupy Oakland. The media seems to lose interest in him when he starts blaming them for all the problems.

Seriously, I know it's 13 minutes but it's 13 minutes for a reason. It's a must-watch.

Via SF Chronicle:

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