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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Video: Colin Powell Proves he is a RINO on Steroids; Hearts OWS, Scorned Tea Party

With each passing day that the #Occupy Wall Street protests remain in place, violence seems to escalate and any comparison to the Tea Party is increasingly and grossly misplaced. There have been countless numbers of arrests (over 4000 at last count), there have been rapes, assaults, vandalism, theft, millions of dollars in damage, and now two shooting deaths. We're long past the point when any responsible politician or leader should express support for this movement. Perhaps some grace could be extended to some who showed support early on but now?

Colin Powell was interviewed by Piers Morgan and referred to the #Occupy protests as being as 'American as apple pie.' Though he was somewhat effective in his word smithing, Powell sounds almost exactly like Barack Obama in this exchange. Again, it is inexplicable for people of Powell's stature - who is a Republican, no less - to not see this movement for what it is. He comes across as a left wing statist who wants to give a derelict movement legitimacy. He does absolutely NOTHING here to squelch class warfare. After the video, have a look at what Powell had to say about the Tea Party one year ago.

From CNN, via The Blaze:

Here is a great find by Hapblog, who points out that Powell didn't seem to care much for the Tea Party in 2010. Check out what Powell said then:
[And the tea party movement] doesn't become a real force until it's — until it starts to talk to the issues. You can't just have slogans. You can't just have catchy phrases. You have to have an agenda." —Republican and former Secretary of State Colin Powell on Meet the Press this morning.
I'm sorry but I have more respect for a Marxist with a "D" next to his name than a socialist like Powell who deceives people by putting an "R" next to his.

Military service and rhetorical mastery aside, Powell's stance on the Tea Party in 2010 vs. his stance on OWS in 2011 should tell you everything you need to know about who he really is.

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