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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Video: Congressman Rips Constituents at Town Hall in Restaurant

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) yelled at two constituents during a town hall meeting in a local bar & Grille on Sunday, November 6th and it was righteous indignation with an extra dose of passion and caffeine. It was also likely fueled by the insane Occupy Wall Street protests all across the country. The woman you can see in this video - and a man you can only hear - seem to be on the side of reigning in big banks and blaming them for the mortgage crisis. Walsh reaches a boiling point and blows up at both of them, very rightfully so.

Any person with the ability to reason can sympathize with Walsh and his outburst. The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) mandated that banks give loans / mortgages to people who would never pay them back. People like the two in this video only seem to be able to look at the banks' bad practices and completely - willingly or unwillingly - refuse to find fault with the government.

Also, take note of the woman who enters the background after Walsh starts yelling. You can see her giggling while she seems to be setting up her phone to do a little recording.

Must see:

h/t The Blaze

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